Dealing With Genital Herpes Outbreak


Dealing With Genital Herpes Outbreak

Herpes outbreak is quite uncomfortable as it comes with unwarranted for stress and a lot of pain that only the infected can attest to. The outbreaks vary in different individuals and they occur in different patterns as others might not really have the outbreaks at all. The outbreaks tend to recur depending on the lifestyle the infected will choose to live. It is with this in mind that anybody should take it upon themselves to enrich themselves with knowledge on herpes. This includes knowing what type of diet the infected can maintain to ensure they live and lead a very normal life despite being infected.

Herpes outbreaks are the subsequent symptoms that show after the simple symptoms that one might not really see or one might confuse them for flu. flueThe symptoms include a lot of discomfort such as back pains, fever that is mostly accompanied by sneezes, flu and headaches at times. The outbreaks can however be treated and controlled if the infected chooses the proper anti-viral medications as advised by the doctor. The virus will embed itself in the body system and remain dormant as it copes with the body conditions; this includes showing very few symptoms. Once the virus gets to the surface, all the infected will want is some sort of medication that will see them heal quickly or relieve them of the pain that comes with the outbreaks.

Doctors will advise the infected to use the medications they prescribe during the cause of an outbreak and not later or before. This is because it is only during this time that the virus is active and it is only during this time that the body can produce antibodies. With help from the anti-viral medication the infected will experience very few outbreaks. There are other complementary steps that the infected can take as they will prove beneficial in decreasing the virus effects during outbreaks. Taking food with enough garlic for instance will help the anti-bodies in several ways that will prove beneficial in curbing the virus effects.

The infected might also consider taking a shower with water that has a pinch of sea salt. Much salt will definitely be irritating to the open sores and wounds around the genital areas. Warm water with a pinch of salt will sterilize the infected region. Keeping the region clean and dry has several benefits. The infected can also consider applying tea tree oil on the open wound as this will help them dry off and reduce the pain.

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